christian booksThe only thing better than embracing the word of God is doing so with dear friends. Starting a Christian book club is one of the best ways to share the lessons of Christianity with a group of like-minded people. By reading a rich selection of inspiring Christian books, you will experience in-depth discussion, stories, tears, and laughter. By taking the following steps, you can get your book club started as soon as possible.

Step 1: Find the right members.
The best book clubs are made of members who have something in common. Perhaps you are all mothers or are active community volunteers. While it is also perfectly fine to open your club to a wider community, your discussion can be more focused if you and your members are unified in some way. Once you select who you would like to include, consider sending out emails to all of them to formally open the invitation.

Step 2: Choose a location.
Decide whether you want to have the book club at your house, rotate between member houses, or gather at your Christian bookstore. Just be sure to choose a place where everyone can feel comfortable and talk openly about the books that you read.

Step 3: Select books and themes.
Just as you selected a location or schedule of locations, take the time to select the first few books. Consider taking turns choosing the Christian books. So, if you meet monthly, one person will choose every month. The members can purchase their books through your local Christian book outlet, and the store may even be able to place a bulk order.

Step 4: Start traditions.
This is the fun part. Now that your book club is set up, now is the time to establish your club traditions. Perhaps you always bake delicious muffins and say a special prayer before you begin. Whatever your sweet details may be, they will surely be cherished by everyone involved.

By starting your own book club, you are taking another exciting step on your Christian journey of faith. A recent survey found that 82% of Christians in the United States report feeling a deep sense of gratitude, and you can count even more blessings once you start discussing Christ’s teachings over a good book.

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