5 Tips For Teaching The Bible To Young Children

christian book storeInstilling the word of God in your children is likely one of your main goals as a Christian parent. By teaching your child The Bible from a young age, you can teach them morals, compassion, and traditional religious values. But how can you start this important education? The key is to make their Bible study experience as enjoyable as possible. Once you purchase a copy of The Bible from our Christian book outlet, consider the following tips to start guiding your child through this important text.

  1. Choose Relatable Stories: Many Christian books are written to supplement The Bible, breaking down biblical stories into more child-friendly versions. These may feature children or animals as the main characters, so even the most traditional stories can be youthful and easily understood.
  2. Use Visual Aids: Illustrations and videos can both be useful for helping your child understand the stories in a way they can understand. Let your child turn the pages at their own pace, taking in the visual messages in full. This way, the next time to visit a Bible story, they will remember the accompanying images.
  3. Create Interactive Experience: Use a book from your local Christian book store to create a skit or craft project with your child. Encourage them to creatively interpret the Bible stories and imagine how they can fit into their everyday life. This is also a great way to include other families in your child’s Christian journey.
  4. Include The Bible In Your Routine: Set aside a portion of every day to read a devotional or Bible story. Before bed or in the morning are both great times for this practice. By starting this commitment now, your child can continue reading and reflect on The Bible for their whole life.
  5. Encourage Discussion: Materials from a Christian bookstore, even the most inspiring Christian books, can only go so far if you don’t take the time to talk about The Bible with your child. Be open to questions and ask them questions about their experience. This will create richer learning overall.

A 2014 Pew Research Center survey found that 55% of Americans pray every day. But prayer can only be effective if your child knows why they are praying. Ask your local Christian book store about which discount Christian books can help your child grow. This effort will help you make your child a more well-rounded and grounded individual.