discount christian booksThe majority of Americans identify as Christian, and around 73% say that religion is very important to them. A great way to foster a love of both faith and the written word in your children is to read to them from an early age. But with so many discount Christian books to choose from, it’s hard to know which will teach the best lessons most effectively. Your local Christian bookstore is a great resource for both classic tales and contemporary stories that will capture your child’s imagination and foster an interest in their faith. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best new reads you should look for at your go-to source for discount Christian books.

  • When God Made You
    Children are naturally curious and are looking to find their place in, and relation to, the world. With its rhyming text and vibrant illustrations, this book provides the reassurance that many children need to hear. In reading this book to your child, you’ll let them know about their God-given gifts and talents and how they were made in God’s image. It also emphasizes the importance of living a life filled with love, creativity, and virtue. This book will remind children of their purpose and let them know that they “bring color and rhythm and rhyme to God’s story.”
  • Baby Wren and the Great Gift
    Written by the author of The Jesus Storybook Bible, this tells the tale of a baby wren who is seeking her place and purpose. Animal lovers will be instantly drawn in by the breathtaking watercolor illustrations and will identify with the little bird who wonders, “What can I do that’s wonderful?” While the wren is captivated by all the wonders of the world, she eventually comes to see she has a gift that’s all her own. The bird’s journey will inspire your children to appreciate the marvels of everything around them, search for their own unique talents, and learn how to use them to worship throughout their life.
  • Maybe God Is Like That Too
    For children who might struggle with the concept of feeling God’s presence rather than seeing it, this book may be a great contender. In this story, a grandmother answers her grandson’s query about God’s location in their city by telling him to look everywhere he sees peace, joy, patience, kindness, and love. Eventually, the boy learns to recognize God in the good deeds of his teachers, family members, and other adults he meets. Not only will this help explain how God is all around us, but it will also inspire children to embrace this spirit in their own daily lives.

At your local Bible bookstore, you can find all kinds of discount Christian books that will impart wisdom and inspiration for both kids and adults alike. If you’re looking for the best Christian book outlet Charlotte NC has to offer, we’d love to be of service. For more information, please contact us today.